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Facilities @ MSI

State-of-the-Art Learning Facilities (Class Rooms/ Discussion Rooms/Auditorium)
MSI builds modern technology into every class room to provide better and enhanced learning experience to the students. All the lecture rooms, discussion rooms and the auditorium are ergonomically designed, comfortably furnished and hooked up to wireless network.

Library & E- Library
Extensive collections of learning and reference materials including, books, magazines, journals, theses; student projects are available to meet the needs of students.

Through our online library, users will be able to retrieve more than 10,000 journal titles and thousands of journal articles in various disciplines or subjects. Our electronic books will enable users to retrieve, read and download the full text of any digital books in its database.

Computer Facilities
MSI computer Labs are well maintained by its dedicated IT Staff and are equipped with tools and software necessary to aid students’ studies.

MSI provides students with a wealth of hands-on learning opportunities, at its most sophisticated laboratories where students can get first-hand experience in Bio Medical Science, Forensic Science and other Science related disciplines

Student Centre
Student Centre used by students is as a place to meet, study, and relax in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Wireless Campus
Being a wireless campus makes it convenient to all students to access the internet wherever they are.

In-House Training Department
MSI's In-House Training Department accelerates the practical learning experience of its diploma students by providing extensive practical hours to apply their theoretical knowledge in to real life scenarios.