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In 551st QS World Ranked University in Sri Lanka, the Management & Science University (MSU) Malaysia, since last 12 years proudly offers its award-winning industry recognized degrees in Sri Lanka in several key disciplines that are geared to meet the needs of the future business landscape. These include the bachelor’s in international business (Hons); Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons), and the bachelor’s in hospitality & Tourism Management (Hons) programmes.The Management and Science University (MSU) is gearing towards meeting the requirements of the education industry of the future with an intensive focus on building teaching strategies that is relevant for the next decade and even going a step further by embracing the fourth industrial revolution that concerns industry such as Industry 4.0.

Taught by an outstanding international faculty and industry experts, who guide students to grow both personally and professionally, all degrees are designed with a blend of theory and practice. MSU degrees are currently well placed amongst employers in the market, which in turn ensures enhanced employment opportunities for its graduates.

BACHELOR’S IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (HONS) DEGREE; This program, developed in conjunction with industry leaders, aims to expose students to interdisciplinary skills and knowledge of the international business environment, with opportunities to develop functional expertise in the key areas.

These comprise of concrete knowledge & skills in international business disciplines, technical understanding of various international business environments, functions and operations , cross cultural management ,along with the specialist knowledge, skills and capabilities required to respond proactively and creatively to contemporary
business issues and the challenges of the global business environment.

Students will explore economics, finance, law and culture on a global scale with emphasis given to the financial environment, relationships between international business-government strategy, policy and corporate strategy, functional management and operations, international trade and global enterprise issues

This program is ideal for students who are interested to pursue careers in the dynamic field of international business and to have successful global careers .

BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE (HONS) DEGREE: Designed to incorporate the latest developments in the field of medicine, health sciences and biomedical sciences, this degree provides students with a sound knowledge and understanding of the fundamental subjects that underpin Biomedical Science, which comprise of Organic Chemistry, Bio-statistics, Biochemistry and Physiology, Immunology, Medical Parasitology, Hematology and Phlebotomy, Anatomy & Physiology, Systemic Pathology, Pharmacology and Toxicology.

A key feature of the degree is the extensive training in laboratory-based skills that gears students to develop knowledge and understanding of current methods available for laboratory investigation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

An internship towards the end of the degree ensures that graduates are “industry-ready” for a career in biomedical science.

BACHELOR IN HOSPITALITY & TOURISM MANAGEMENT (HONS) DEGREE : Blending core business and management studies with specialized modules in hospitality and tourism to give students a detailed appreciation of the unique features and challenges of the hospitality and tourism industry, this degree helps students to acquire a constructive and critical understanding of the global hospitality and tourism industry and its broader socio-cultural, political, economic and environmental contexts.

The emphasis throughout the course is on the development of a wide range of professional and managerial skills, concurrently with the development of key academic skills, aiming to improve the students’ ability to understand and apply management theory to the hospitality and tourism sectors. This in turn equips students with intellectual and leadership capabilities to allow them to move into a range of leadership positions within prestigious hospitality organizations.

Backed by its internationally recognized study programs, highly respected faculty members, state of the art infrastructure and strong partnerships with industry, MSU provides an abundance of exciting career opportunities for its graduates through these degrees that will enable them to be well placed for their future careers .

MSU is recognized by more than 40 Universities worldwide including those in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many more.

  • MSU is Ranked 551st QS world Ranked University & Top 100 University in the world for young University Ranked under QS.
  • QS World University Rankings by Subject has ranked MSU #28 in the world, for Hospitality and Leisure
  • Management MSU is ranked #2 in Malaysia for Hospitality and Leisure Management
  • Full-Time and part time programmes and MSU Degree offers through MSI  which is locally and globally recognized
  • Affordable Tuition Fee and Easy Payment Options without extra cost and bank loans.
  • Distinguish faculty with industry experience.
  • The curriculums for the courses are developed taking into consideration the current needs of the industries as locally and globally.
  • Students will be exposed to local and Malaysian leading industries through the local and international industry visit
  • All programmes are continuously monitored by a team of experts from Management and Science University (MSU) in Malaysia.
  • MSU is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and is recognized by the University Grant Commission (UGC ) Sri Lanka.
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In addition to these key degree programmes that students can complete in Sri Lanka, MSU Malaysia or partner Universities worldwide including, Australia, UK, Japan and Germany, MSU also offers Dual MBA programmes, PhD and MBBS for academics to become professionals in their chosen field.

The Management & Science Institute (MSI) represents MSU as a Local Representative and offers Students a range of Diploma programmes which help develop knowledge and skills of students while preparing them to obtain employment or continue their higher studies. MSI currently offers diploma programmes in a wide range of interests including Hospitality and Tourism Management, Biomedical Science, Event Management, Business Management, Accounting, Dialysis Technology. Range


To fulfill the industrial skills needs, MSI identified that Digital Marketing, Business Analytics & Retails Management has more demand & need in presence. Therefore, Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Retail Management Programmes are well crafted for meet the international standards and helps to transform professionals into ready-global-professionals. Those programmes are designed for the working professionals in the industry who is looking for higher qualifications & for high school Leavers who has an interest in the field. The lectures are conducted by MSU Malaysian Professors, as well as Sri Lankan Professionals in the industry.         

Further information on the programmes can be obtained by contacting   Management & Science Institute (MSI) at, No 300 Galle Road, Colombo 3, Tel 0112576644, 0112576700, Hot Line 0770777880, +94 72 478 0711             email  or  our website  or       

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