About MSI

Management & Science institute (MSI) is a fully affiliated higher educational institute with the Management and Science University, Malaysia. The MSI programmes are registered under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the MSI and its programmes have been recognized by many leading Universities worldwide having partnership with MSU Malaysia. The MSI mainly focuses on teaching, research and life — long learning in the following areas: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Business management, Event Management, Biomedical Science, Accounting, Human Capital Management, Investment Management, Retail Management & Logistic Management. 

All programmes conducted by MSI are directly accredited by MSU Malaysia concerned with the holistic development of students through the incorporation of five major components across all curriculums such as Language, Information Technology and Entrepreneurship & Soft Skills, and Ethics and Values.

Required and necessary Importance is given to quality teaching staff and equipping them with innovative and creative teaching methodologies. Besides providing international experience and exposure among students, extensive industrial training components are also blended into the programme of study to enhance graduates’ employability.

Assurance for the students to acquire sound knowledge and skills, personal coaching either by subject experts or assigned mentors is made available to the students throughout their studies at MSI. Complementing this, a comprehensive array of activities ranging from outbound training programmes, leadership camps, community engagement activities, sports, etc. are provided for the holistic development of students’ skills and their right applications at different challenging and changing environment.


MSU aspires to be a leading transformative global university, engaging the society through entrepreneurship, research, innovation, industry embedment, and holistic education for a better future.



To provide compelling transformative learning experiences through educational opportunities and a collaborative learning environment, both centered on pioneering socio-economic transformations through innovative deliveries and with ethical values.


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To enhance an already collaborative learning environment with the embedment of industries, where applications of knowledge and research align with contemporary needs and are delivered through a curriculum that complements career pathways with the advantages of global mobility and community engagement.


To mould holistic graduates through a balanced education that enriches their personal, interpersonal and social skills, with a multi-disciplinary approach that nurtures leadership, integrity, professionalism, academic excellence, and a passion for lifelong learning.


To be a leading globally connected university rooted in culture yet diverse in inclusiveness, providing pathways to knowledge and facilitating knowledge exchange through mobility.


To be the catalyst of a sustainable entrepreneur ecosystem promoting entrepreneurial culture in building leaders with a global mindset.


To ensure the advancement in life of the talented but disadvantaged is not impeded by socio-economic standing, with opportunities that enable the gifted to achieve their true potential and actualize their dreams.


To create diversified career pathways that help transform lives into responsible global citizenship contributing professional talent towards a better future.


Generate competent, professional and employable graduates

Provide affordable educational opportunities

Strengthen the quality of academic programmes

Foster holistic academic excellence

Provide a conducive learning environment

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