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We offer world-recognized Diploma, (Honors)Degree, Advanced Certificate & Postgraduate programmes from MSI and through MSU Malaysia.

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Management & Science institute is fully administered & accredited by msu malaysia

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Management & Science institute (MSI) is a fully affiliated higher educational institute within the Management and Science University, Malaysia. The MSI programmes are registered under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the MSI and its programmes have been recognized by many Leading Universities worldwide having partnership with MSU Malaysia.

Assurance for the students to acquire sound knowledge and skills, personal coaching either by subject experts or assigned mentors is made available to the students throughout their studies at MSI. Complementing this, a comprehensive array of activities ranging from outbound training programmes, leadership camps, community engagement activities, sports, etc. are provided for the holistic development of students’ skills and their right applications at different challenging and changing environment.

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