February / May / September


16 Months


The Diploma in Biomedical Science program would serve as a platform for its students to pursue their career pathway in the biomedical, medical or any of the health sciences area. The program introduces modern laboratory techniques and encourages students to relate what they have learnt in class with the latest development in this field. This program has a strong emphasis on research, which will be a significant advantage for students who are inclined towards pursuing careers in health and Allied Sciences.Through its curriculum, which integrates the knowledge, attitude, and skill components, the students are prepared to meet the challenging endeavours as professional biomedical scientists. The competence in both diagnostic and clinical aspects of the curriculum will undoubtedly be a significant advantage in their future undertakings.

G.C.E A/L or London / Edexcel O/L

*For more information about intakes & course fee, please liaise with the Counselling & Communications department.

Semester 1

Organic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Cell Biology & Genetics
English for Academic Enrichment

Semester 2

Basic Microbiology
Anatomy & Physiology 1
Moral Education

Semester 3

Clinical Biochemistry
Anatomy and Physiology 2
Immunology & Serology
English for Occupational Purposes

Semester 4

Clinical Microbiology
Medical Parasitology
Bio Statistics

Semester 5

Laboratory Management and Instrumentation 


Basic Pathology

Full time: 24 months

February / May / September

Four months industrial training in a leading hospital upon successful completion

  • Medical Laboratory Manager
  • R&D Scientist / Science Officer
  • Medical Product Specialist
  • Underwriter
  • Science Writer/Journalist
  • Research Assistant
  • Lecturer

12 to 24 months of further study to complete the Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Biomedical Science at Management & Science University – Malaysia / Colombo or at their Universities worldwide