February / May / September


16 Months + 4 Months Internship


Diploma in Business Management aims to develop knowledge, skills and professional practices that enable students to undertake a range of roles in the Business, Accounting, Human Capital Management, as well as, Banking and Financial sectors. This program also provides a rigorous theoretical and practical knowledge base that prepares students for further studies and to assist them in entering the industry equipped with more industry-relevant skills and competencies

G.C.E / London / Edexcel O/L

*For more information about intakes & course fee, please liaise with the Counselling & Communications department.

Semester 1

Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Information Technology
Practices of Management
Principles of Marketing

Semester 2

Introduction to Economics
Principles of Finance
Introduction to Customer Service
Business Communication

Semester 3

Organizational Behavior
Management Ethics
Business Law

Semester 4

Quality Management
Introduction to Strategic Management
Operations Management 

Human Resource Management 

Full Time : 16 Months




Four months industrial placement upon successful completion.

12 to 24 months of further study to complete the Bachelor (Hons) Degree in International Business Accounting / Finance at Management & Science University – Malaysia / Colombo or at over leading universities worldwide.