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3 Year


MSU offer students an experiential learning in cross-cultural communications, the opportunity to build a global network and the possibility to create future international career opportunities. In addition, students will have the opportunities to develop management skills and techniques, to obtain strategic orientation and to implement the strategies formulated. These include networking events with industrial leaders, talks by CEOs, Industrial visits, management games, case study approaches, video presentations, on-line interactions and many other approaches.

Our programme helps students to develop the skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, strategic management and decision making and trains them to become successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in the most competitive markets. Upon completion of the programme, students will have a broad understanding of their specialized area.

GSM has established collaborative educational links with a number of top overseas universities in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, UK, Germany, USA, and other countries. The Postgraduate Student Exchange Programme is a mean to provide international exposure to our postgraduate students. Through this programme, students will have the opportunity to develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures, political and economic enticements, and approaches of doing business.

  • MSU MBA programme helps students to develop skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, strategic management, and decision making and trains them to become successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in diverse competitive markets. We offer an MBA programe with specializations in:

    • International Business
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation with Hospitality Industry Approaches.
    • Health Care Management
    • Global Marketing

    The MBA Progamme comprises of eight (8) compulsory modules, four (4) specialization modules, two (2) research methodology & statistical modules, and a project.

    Each module is delivered in 8-week blocks, starting with an intensive optional workshop. Along with traditional teaching methods, your learning will be enhanced through guest speakers, case studies and visits, while giving you an insight into a range of business and management practices and allowing you to critically reflect on your own experiences.

    The MSU Malaysia Knowledge Management system (KLAS) will support your learning, with course materials and links to key resources available online. The KLAS will also allow you to engage in additional learning activities and to take part in discussions remotely.

The post graduate programmes at MSU are crafted to cultivate leadership and a real research contribution that addresses industrial hands-on challenges at the highest management level. Due to the tremendous and exciting state of flux within the business and management communities, top management must adept rapidly to stay competitive, relevant and strategically positioned to tackle global trends by possessing the relevant post graduate qualifications

Part A : Compulsory Modules        (Each Module – 03 Credits)                                                                       30 Credits  

Accounting for Corporate Decision                                                                                    & Evaluation                         DAC5013

Business Law & Ethics             DLW5013      

Economics for Management  DEC5013  

Finance Management              DFN5013

Information System & E-Commerce                                                                                                            DCT5033  

Marketing Management         DMK5013    

Original Behavior                     DHR5053

Strategic Management           DMG5033

Research Methodology           DRS 5053     

Statistical Analysis           DMT5023                                                                                      




The Study tour to MSU Malaysia integrates both theory and practices and provides an enriching global learning experience.

The week long optional study tour offers students an opportunity to gain international exposure, guided by MSU Malaysian lecturers, industry experts and students. The industry visits, Seminars, workshop and international network is a great value addition to the MBA learning, providing an enriching global learning experience.

Minimum 14 months to maximum 3 years

March / July / November (kindly refer to MSU/ MSI for further details)

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualifications as approved by the Senate of MSU

  • Applicants must have a minimum of two (2) years of working experience. A letter of reference on headed paper from the current / most recent employer should also be provided clearly stating the relevant employment details.

Applicants must submit the following documents together with the registration fee

  1. Duly completed application form
  2. Original and copies of educational & professional certificates
  3. Two reference letters (Current employer/ Academics)
  4. Copy of NIC or passport
  5. Six passport size photographs with white background
  • Registration fee must be paid on the registration day & registration fees paid are not refundable
  • Tuition fees must be made on the registration Day or prior to the commencement of the semester & tuition fees are exclusive of Government taxes
  • Fees are charged on per semester basis based on the credit hours taken by the respective students.

Please contact the Counselling & Communications department on fees and other payment details.

Contact the Course Coordinator 

Hot Line: +94 770 777 880