MSU currently ranks in the QS Top 100 among the world’s top young universities; QS Top 200 among Asia’s best universities; QS Top 30 among Southeast Asia’s best universities; QS Top 301+ for Graduate Employability Ranking; QS Top 601+ of the world’s best universities in the QS World University Rankings (WUR) 2023 as well as Times Higher Education Top 401+ for University Impact Rankings 2022.

In this rapidly developing fast-paced world we live in, every decision made has a huge impact on your future and it is important that you find the correct education partner and the correct education avenue at a very early age to emerge as successful leaders in chosen industry. When selecting a degree programme of your interest, it is important to consider the job opportunities and gaining the knowledge through a world recognized higher education institutions that provides quality education to students. With Management & Science University (MSU), enjoying a high acceptance amongst employers, obtaining a degree from MSU can give you the specialist knowledge and trustworthy credentials that will establish your credibility and expertise in your respective industry.

MSU proudly offers its award-winning industry recognized degrees in Sri Lanka through Management & Science Institute (MSI), the Colombo campus of MSU Malaysia in several key disciplines that are geared to meet the needs of the expanding business landscape. Offering professional education to meet global industry demands, the key focus of MSI is to develop knowledge and skills in students and prepare them to obtain employment opportunities through higher studies. Upon completion of the Diploma programmes which leads to the Bachelor (Hons) Degree, students can choose to continue their higher studies in Sri Lanka, Malaysia or at any of the partner universities worldwide including those in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Japan.

MSI Colombo provides an environment conducive to education with state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipped lecture rooms, library, and laboratory. Experienced and qualified experts in the field not only provide knowledge but also provide guidance and mentoring to ensure the successful progression of the students. Committed to ensuring a high rate of student’s success, the Diplomas from MSI ensure that students develop the ability to work in a wide range of cutting-edge and rapidly growing fields, that lead to exciting and futuristic careers.  

At MSI, their team of dedicated experts provide guidance for students to choose their degrees based on their interest, competencies, and future career plans. MSU also provides students with numerous degree avenues, a myriad of subject choices. MSU’s mission is to guide local students in the best possible degree avenues to accelerate their higher education, helping them to obtain

internationally recognized qualifications to have an edge over the other graduates in the global job market. Students have multiple options to select through the School of Business, School of Science, School of Computing and School of Hospitality which has been established by the institute to offer more focus in each specialized area.

School of Business – Diploma in Business Management and Bachelor in of International Business (Hons)

 The School of Business of MSI is the ideal institute for any undergraduate interested in pursuing a career in the business field. The school nurtures students with a business mind and molds them into fully fledged business leaders of the future. The drive behind achieving this goal is the passion for excellence and perfection that surrounds the School of Business in its methodology of teaching, learning, research, and networking with the business community.

School of Science – Diploma and Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons)

The School of Science explores the underlying principles behind nature and human activities to develop scientific philosophies. You will attain solid knowledge on Biomedical Science through extensive theoretical knowledge and advanced laboratory skills.

School of Computing

 The School of Computing provides innovative and advanced teaching methods along with the latest state of the art equipment and provides top notch research, training and development services that will help students acquire new knowledge along with the best practices in their respective disciplines.

 School of Hospitality – Diploma and Bachelor in hospitality & Tourism Management (Hons) Degree and Diploma and Bachelor in Event Management (Hons)

The School of Hospitality primes you for a career at the heart of one of the most exhilarating and fastest growing industries. Our curriculum is designed with experiential learning in mind, focusing on giving you the competency in contemporary hospitality the supervisory skills for entry-level management. A period of industrial internship towards the end of your studies ensures you graduate industry ready for a career in hospitality.

MSU and MSI Colombo offers the following Diploma and Bachelor (Hons) Degree programmes.  These include Business Management, Human Capital Management, Retail Management, Biomedical Science, Forensic Science, Information Technology, Business Computing, Information Technology (Mobile Wireless Technology), Hospitality and Tourism Management, Event Management and Outdoor Recreation Management.

For more information on MSU and MSI, programmes call us on 01 12576 644, 011 2576 700, Hot Line 077 0777 880, e-mail at    or website  , or visit Management & Science Institute, No 300 Galle Road, Colombo 3.

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